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Self-draining stainless steel containers are filled with a pressed grape paste which has been cooled to 12-15ºC. After maceration for 2 to 6 hours, a grape juice is obtained by static draining. The grape juice is decanted, and after 24 hours the clean grape juice is racked in order to be fermented between 16 and 18ºC. At the end of the fermentation, it is immediately spun in order to remove the lees, which may carry unpleasant smells and tastes


It has a beautiful intense strawberry colour with redcurrant tints. Elegant fruity aroma where mature red fruits are combined with wild strawberries. The texture harmonizes the fruity sensation with the creaminess of its flavour and its touch of acidity.


Consume at 10-12ºC with poultry, barbecued vegetables, rices, pastas, shellfish and foie-gras.