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Carefully selected from the parts of stocks which are older and less used, the grapes are selected again on entering the wine cellar. The two varieties are produced separately, between 28 and 30ºC. After devatting and some months of microoxygenation, it is poured into new American Oak casks which have contained only one wine for a period of three or four months. It remains in this cask for 10 months. After this period, it proceeds to a selection of the best casks and the two varieties are mixed in one container. Here it begins to microoxygenate again until the appropriate time for bottling. When the set number of months has passed, it is then released onto the market.


It has an intense red bigarreau cherry colour with a red-purple tint. It has the distinguished aromas of ripe red fruits with a vanilla base, slightly sweet, and with toffee hints and some sweet spices. It has a powerful texture, but is tasty and stately, something which lends it an exclusive identity


Roasted lamb, stone baked beef or ox, game, stewed meats, vegetables, mushroom stew, cured sheep and goat cheeses, spicy cheeses; rice with meat and strong-tasting poultry. Serve at 18ºC.