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Between 70% and 80% of our wines are fermented at 16ºC in stainless steel tanks, which creates their fruity aroma. The remaining 30-20% are fermented in American Oak casks, reaching a maximum temperature of 22ºC. At the end of the process, the two fermentations are combined and the lees are used to extract the fruity aromas. We have achieved a wine which has both a complex aroma and flavour, in addition to being well structured in the mouth. This wine has a longer lifespan and a distinguishing element, just like the wood.


It is a Maccabean variety with a glossy pale yellow colour, with greenish and straw-coloured tints. It has an elegant aroma with a varietal, subtle flowers and exotic-like white fruit expression. The delicate smoked hints lend a harmonious complexity. Delicious, fresh and complex body with a lasting aftertaste.


You can enjoy the wine with all kinds of shellfish and seafood, both raw or with sauce, vegetable gratin, smoked foods and fresh and cured cheeses. Serve between 10 and 12ºC.