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The “Sierra Rampina” series is most appropriate for everyday drinking, with an unbeatable price-quality ratio. All of the wines are made from grapes meticulously selected in the vineyard as well as upon entering the winery. Utiel growers painstakingly and lovingly cultivate the fruit on prime grape-growing land, situated in the heart of the DO and endowed with a Mediterranean microclimate that benefits from Atlantic influences. The wines are made with the latest technologies at the winery’s disposal and with cutting-edge enological techniques, but always with respect for the area’s firmly rooted viticultural traditions.


Carefully made by the saignée method from the legendary Bobal grape, grown with care on the mountain from which the wine takes its name. Bright raspberry colour with jammy red-fruit aromas. Full of fresh-fruit nuances, with balanced acidity on the palate.


A perfect pair with chicken and other white-fleshed meats, vegetables gratin, mushrooms, pasta, rice, and your best fish. Serving temperature: between 10º and 12ºC.