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Origin and history

This Cooperative was founded on 24th April 1927 under the name of “Síndicato Agrícola” and its headquarters were settled in the very centre of the antique Utiel, Real street. The company moved to several locations, it is remarkable the building “La bodega redonda”, acquired from a family of winemakers. After that, The Cooperative handed over this building to El Consejo Regulador de la Denominación de Origen Utiel-Requena.

It was in 1945 when the current installations began being built with an area of 17.000 square metres aproximately. All of it built in adobe and solid brick. This ambitious construction was designed by The Agronomous Engineer Mr. Rafael Font de Mora and built by Mr. Vicente Mascarell. The main façade has a length of 300 metres and covers most of Marín Lázaro Avenue. With a modernist style, We can appreciate a fractioned pediment on the main façade where the emblem of the company is placed. The main gate is decorated with two vertical friezes covered by ornamental tiling whose paintings evoke wine scenes.

The winery inside seen from the first floor balcony resembles the view from a bridge of the deck of a massive ship, having the bow at the main gate and the stern at the grape unloading area and the weighbridges.

Grandiose winery also appreciated by the panoramic sight from the hall, surrounded by polychromatic ceramics illustrating the antique winemaking process. Lovely paintings divided into four big scenes signed by V. Abad that represent a memorial of the procedure, tools, means of transport and the clothes of those people who used to carry out this labour in Utiel.

As a final and honourable touch for this Coopertiva Agrícola Winery, the plaque commemorating the visit of SSMM, King Juan Carlos I and Queen Sofia, at the very beginning of their reign, 1st December 1976. Specially proud we feel of their second visit to our company where we shared a lunch. This time, some years ago, on 16th March 2006.