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Present and future time

Nowadays, Our Cooperative is compounded by 1200 members. Regarding to production volumes we can state that Bodegas Utielanas treats and elaborates between 14 and 18 milllion kilogrammes of grapes coming from 2.800 hectares of growing fields which represents a production from 11 to 15 million of litres of wine depending on every year harvest, under Utiel-Requena Denominación de Origen.

The most important varieties produced in our company are: Bobal, Tempranillo and Maccabeo.

In the last ten years, Investments worth 6 million euros have been made to become more competitive not only in quality but also in price. These investments correspond mainly to two areas with 60 self-emptying tanks containing 90.000 litres each, a new pressing area. Improvements in the unloading bay have also been carried out in both unloading hoppers, crushers and pumps, they all made of stainless steel.

It is also remarkable the acquisition of two Foss Analyzers, automatism capable to obtain more than 20 parameters relative to the quality of grape. The investments made in 2006 were the Must Concentrator, a Decanter Centrifuge, Cooling equipment, Polyphenols extractor, a Crushed grape Refrigeration System and a bottling machine capable to bottle 2.500 bottles an hour.